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Orbit Polymers is one of the main players on the distribution market of raw materials for the plastics industry in Romania and Eastern Europe. It started in 1997 with a sales office in Bucharest as an agent of the well-renowed company DOW CHEMICALS for the section of polyethylene compounds for cables and pipes.

Our activity continued with significant growth year after year until 2005, when the Romanian legal entity Orbit Polymers SRL was established, which carried on the good results obtained during the previous years, reaching in present a turnover of over 21 million Euro/year and a distribution network of 8 warehouses in Romania. This way all customers across the country can have a quick access to our products, which is of crucial importance in this industry.

Product portfolio seeks to cover the full range of raw materials that are needed of every plastics convertor, regardless of the segment to which it belongs, from polymers of general usage to colorants, inks and engineered polymers.

In 2009, Orbit Polymers becomes the Romanian market distributor of the only local producer of polyethylene and polypropylene, Rompetrol Petrochemicals, whose products, together with the whole range of imported varieties, have enabled us to supply customers in all areas related to the processing of plastics: manufacturers of pipes, cables, sheets, films, bags, injected and blow molded items, household and sanitary, automotive, medical, food packaging, etc.

We managed to finish the year 2011 with a turnover of 21 million Euro, an increase of 30% over the previous year.

We are aware that these results are due to the over 180 loyal customers with whom we have developed long term business relationships and also due to the high quality of the provided products and services. We want to thank and assure them that we will follow the same path in the future for the benefit of both sides.


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